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Nicolette Victoria is based out of Mumbai and is into Digital Sales & Business Development. In her free time, she loves to pen down various articles which are mostly digital in nature.

Ananya Panda is from the temple city of Bhubaneswar and is a postgraduate in business and management. She is currently working as a digital sales associate and has a strong inclination for content writing. She writes on various domains including those delving into the digital aspects.

Reena Chadha is a pass-out from Delhi University and is working in the field of coupons, deals, discounts, offers, shops, and stores. In her free time, she narrates her experiences through her articles. These days she has taken a passion for all things digital.

Scarlett Adair is a digital consultant to a lot of corporates worldwide and also follows her passion for writing in her free time.

Rabi Narayan is a digital sales and business development enthusiast and loves to write on digital topics in his free time.

Rishab Saxena is a Journalism and Mass Communication student from New Delhi. He loves reading, writing, and listening to music. When he is not busy doing any of these, he spends most of his time gaming, binge-watching, sketching, and trying new things. He is self-taught, loves retro and memes, and never stops creating and imagining.

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